Manufacture Pascal bags are handmade with American vegetable tanned leather and have a soft Ultra-suede® lining. Leathers that are tanned using vegetable extracts will develop a softer and warmer touch with time and daily use. It is a natural evolution which makes each bag unique and personal. That is the best part of it.Please note that some of our lighter colors may darken with daily use, exposure to sun, and stain when in contact with water. Our natural leather is sensitive to scratches and will develop a softer patina over time. We recommend avoiding all contact with water, oily products, products made of solvent or alcohol. If the leather should get wet, let it dry and rub gently with a soft neutral color cloth. We tested many care products because we do like when a bag can age and last years, and we found a miracle care cream: Chamberlain Number 3 for the our black, red, sage, navy and stone leather. It may darken the bag lightly but will protect and nourish it like no other care cream out there. It also made with natural ingredients which do not harm the leather. For any additional questions regarding care please email us at: